15th December 2019
Photo of Alison leading the Working with Group programme in Dublin, May 2019

Working with groups: A programme in Sydney

I’m looking forward to facilitating a two-day development programme in Sydney in February, entitled Working with Groups. The programme is for experienced executive coaches and coaching supervisors, and is run in collaboration with CSA Ltd. The programme runs on 10-11 February. Please contact me here if you would like to […]
15th November 2019

Taking creativity for a walk

Over the past year, I’ve been working in a new way by engaging in group supervision in diverse locations. There’s been a growing trend for coaches and supervisors to move their work with clients from the indoor world of rooms and offices into the outdoor world of parks and the […]
14th November 2019

A deeper way of being with your client (video)

’Talking together’ is a series of video conversations between Edna Murdoch and me. It’s our regular dialogue space, where we discuss ideas, tap into trends we’re noticing or books we’re reading, and share themes from our client work and the wider field. In this third conversation, we share our thoughts […]
4th November 2019

When the client says, ‘do it our way’

What did I learn from leading a workshop on multi-stakeholder contracting at the ICF Converge 2019 conference in Prague recently? The workshop (pictured above) was an experiential session, working with a complex case study. It explored how the client-coach relationship is created alongside many other interconnected relationships, including HR, line […]