7th December 2016

Research into team coaching and supervision

David Clutterbuck and I are researching team coaching and the supervision of team coaching. We’ve opened a survey to kick-start research in this very recent field. Our aim is firstly to understand the dynamics of supervising team coaches and how this differs from supervising coaches in their one-to-one practice; secondly […]
2nd December 2016

Shedding light through relational supervision

I attended a terrific experiential workshop which Helena Hargaden facilitated at the Supervisors’ Conference in Bristol recently. In her very thought-provoking, newly published book, The Art of Relational Supervision: Clinical implications of the use of Self in Group Supervision, she explores how the group process in supervision can highlight the internal or ‘unconscious’ […]
22nd November 2016

Sydney workshops for coaching supervisors

I’m looking forward to running two workshops in Sydney in January. The workshops focus on group supervision and there are a few places still available, so please get in touch if you’d like to take part. The workshops are: 23-24 January – This two-day workshop is for experienced coaching supervisors who […]
18th November 2016

Judgmental ignorance or critical reflection?

Despite my concerns – indeed misgivings – about some aspects of the use of technology in our highly relational practice of coaching and supervision, I surprised myself when I recently booked to attend a workshop at OBCAMS in Oxford which was scheduled for late on a Friday afternoon. Not only would […]