14th September 2016

One-day workshop for coaching supervisors

Sydney workshop: 25 January 2017 There are many advantages for coaches to come together in a group for supervision of their practice. At the same time, as supervisors, we can find it extremely challenging when faced with the diverse experience, learning styles, needs and expectations of the participants. In this […]
14th September 2016

Two-day workshop for coaching supervisors

Sydney workshop: 23-24 January 2017 In Sydney, Australia, I’m leading a two-day workshop in January offering an opportunity for coaching supervisors to deepen their self awareness and professional practice through reflective practice in group supervision. This programme is for experienced coaching supervisors who wish to explore and reflect on their own practice as supervisors. During the two days, […]
10th September 2016

In Treatment: how we adapt in sharing our story

I’m really enjoying In Treatment, a drama series with Gabriel Byrne as Dr Paul Weston, a psychotherapist. It raises questions for me about how we adapt and edit our experience when sharing our story in supervision with another. While the drama is based on psychotherapeutic relationships, and I work in coaching and coaching supervision, it’s fascinating at a number of levels. It’s great […]
9th September 2016

Learning and reflection in group supervision

Webinar: 16 September 2016 I’m leading a webinar with the International Centre for Reflective Practice in September, with a choice of sessions in the morning or afternoon, UK time. However confident a coach may feel going to meet their client, coming to group supervision can trigger all sorts of anxieties […]